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I am a Modern Endpoint Management Professional. Since 2018, I have worked with Intune and Configuration Manager in an enterprise environment. I entered your typical blue collar career at a manufacturing company and worked many years on on the production line. It was good, honest money. However, I knew that I had a passion for technology and my wife supported me into chasing the dream I had had for as long as I can remember. My career began initially as a PC Tech which lasted a little over a year. In 2018, My skill set had expanded, I was able to fill a vacancy as an Desktop Systems Engineer. This was my first experiance with SCCM, and little did I know at the time, this oppurtunity would define my career and goals for the next 4 years.

LostinCloud.com is my attempt to begin engaging with the Modern Endpoint Management Community. There are many struggles I’ve had since 2018 that this community has helped me with. While be it uknowingly, people like Adam Gross, Peter Vanderwoude, Rudy Ooms and others have mentored me through walls I’ve hit while dealing with new implementations and configurations via their blogs.

I hope I can produce and provide a sliver of the knowledge and help that so many other great contributors in our community have. Update

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Configure local group membership for Intune devices

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