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Midwest Management Summit at Mall of America May 1st - 5th 2022

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Its finally going to happen… I tried 2 years ago to attend, but a force blew through our world and wreaked havoc on any potential social gatherings. Now that mandates are lifting and the world has began to open back I have been afforded the oppurtunity to attend this years summit.
This will be my first time attending MMS and I am absolutley thrilled at the oppurtunity. I have been to a few conferences over the year, but this is the first one that specifically relates to my interest and work. I hope to take this oppurtunity to network with other like minded individuals and digest all the knowledge I can from some of the communities brightest.

There are going to be some great speakers and presentations throughout the weeks. Here are some I am looking forward to:

and a ton more..

If you are interested in registering and attending this year head over to https://mmsmoa.com/registration.html and check it out!

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